2×01 Four Months Later

Serialowy wir rozkręca się na dobre! Wczoraj odbyła się premiera pierwszego odcinka, drugiego sezonu Herosów.

Chapter one of the new season of Heroes is finally upon us, and convenient brought to us with only two commercial breaks! Thanks, Nissan.

It is four months after the explosive events of last season’s finale, and all of our ordinary people with extraordinary abilities are trying to move on. Some are succeeding more than others. Peter Petrelli has not turned up at all during those four months, so most are assuming him dead.

Mohinder, we find, has been on the lecture circuit, teaching anyone who will listen about the extraordinary people in their midst. After a lecture he gives in Cairo, a fat man with glasses—who does not have a name yet so I will call him Fat Glasses Man—offers to buy him coffee. But Mo’s suspicious because FGM has been stalking him, attending his last three lectures. He agrees to coffee anyway, and finds out that FGM works for the Company. He tracks down people who are special to make sure that they don’t become dangerous, eliminating them if necessary. He knows that Mo is protecting Molly Walker and that Molly is afflicted with the same virus that killed his sister. FGM bribes Mo with unlimited research funding so that he can find a cure against the virus. He’s right about the unlimited funding bit because he can turn things into gold. Another Hero!

Little Molly Walker has two daddies! Turns out Mohinder and Matt Parkman are her guardians, and all three live together in Mo’s Brooklyn apartment. Parkman is fully recovered from the bullets he took four months ago and is taking an exam to become a full detective. He passes a practice hostage setup with flying colors, but only because he uses his ability to read thoughts and not because of any skill at being a police officer. He finally gets the badge that he’s wanted. Molly gives him guff for cheating on the exam, but he is more interested in asking Molly about why she is falling asleep in school and making disturbing drawings of scary faces. She has been having nightmares about the Really Scary Bad Guy she alluded to in last year’s finale who can see her whenever she tries to locate him. All the pictures she is drawing of the Really Scary Bad Guy have an s-shaped symbol on them, the same symbol that the Haitian used to wear around his neck and the one that appears tattooed on Jessica’s shoulder. Parkman asks Molly to tell him where the Really Scary Bad Guy is, but she says that if she tells him, then he’ll kill Parkman too.

Claire, HRG and family have relocated to Costa Verde, CA where she is starting school and he is working as assistant manager at the Copy Kingdom. Their name is Butler now and they are doing their best to remain as unextraordinary as possible. She doesn’t succeed in remaining completely under the radar because she meets a boy at school named West who seems interested in her. He almost hits her with his and catches her burning herself on the Bunsen burner. At gym class, some bitchy cheerleaders challenges her to do a back tuck off the tower when she defended a shy student. She declines to do the gymnastics move in front of everyone, but waits until the gym was empty. She does the back tuck but breaks her legs in the process. Wes came in to find her sitting on the mat, and it’s unclear whether he entered in time to witness the regeneration.

HRG also fails at remaining anonymous. His superior at the Copy Kingdom is a real d-bag. While the manager is yelling at him to get back to work, HRG grabs the guy’s fingers and flips him over the table. He tells the manager that he will work whenever he wants and will take breaks whenever he wants.

Later that night, HRG gets a call on his cellphone from Mohinder. Mo calls to report that FGM and the Company have taken the bait and have let Mo work with them. He and HRG, it seems, have made amends after their Mexican standoff from last season and are now working together to bring the Company down.

Claire calls Nathan, who has somehow managed to survive the explosion, even though, you know, he was the one holding Peter and doesn’t have the power to regenerate. So the fact that Nathan is alive makes no sense at all. Regardless, he is alive and drunk. He is obviously not a congressman anymore and has driven Heidi and his kids away. He now spends his days not shaving and drinking in a bar. Claire tells him that she misses Peter and needs someone to talk to. She doesn’t want to hide her specialness anymore, but Nathan is too wrought with guilt—even seeing Peter’s burnt and scarred visage in the mirror—that he can’t help her. Meanwhile, West is spying on Claire from outside of her bedroom, and then flies off. More Heroes!

We are also introduced to twins Maya and Alejandro from San Cristobal, Honduras, who continue the grand Heroes tradition of inappropriate sibling subtext. They have been fleeing their hometown because Maya is wanted for murder. Somehow, they have managed to get a hold of Chandra Suresh’s textbook and they are trying to make their way to New York so that they can find a cure for Maya’s condition. They buy passage to Sonora, 600 miles from the American border from this creep who only wants to molest Maya. Unfortunately for the creep and all his buds, Maya can’t really control her murderous tendencies, and she leaves them dead with strange gouges on their faces. She and Alejandro take their truck to drive up to the U.S.

Hiro, you remember, teleported himself to Japan, somewhere outside Kyoto, in the year 1671. He is about to become sashimi at the hands of some fierce-looking samurai, when they eclipse occurs. He freezes time to avoid being hit by flying arrows when he sees his Takezo Kenzei, his hero from Japanese lore. Hiro teleports with Takezo to safety but finds out that it was just a decoy Takezo. The real Takezo comes out and takes off his mask—he’s a white dude! (Another Alias alum on Heroes!) The real Takezo is from England and came to Japan to find his fortune. Hiro is disappointed to learn that Takezo is not honorable and fights dirty. However, Hiro has inadvertently changed history: Takezo was supposed to save the nearby village of Otsu from bandits, but Hiro turns around to find Otsu aflame. Yaeko, the daughter of the swordsmith who made Takezo’s sword (which Hiro stole from Linderman) takes his sword back to go and save her father herself, who has been taken hostage by bandits, since Takezo is not lifting a finger to help anybody. Hiro says that according to legend, Takezo is supposed to save the swordsmith and make Yaeko fall in love with him because that is his destiny. However, Takezo isn’t interested in doing anything except finding a drink. He’s more an anti-hero, I would say.

Meanwhile, Hiro’s dad Sulu, err, I mean, Kaito Nakamura is still. He meets Ando, who reports that he hasn’t seen Hiro in four months. Kaito has a legacy to hand down to Hiro, and he will wait for his return. But just then, Kaito finds a picture of himself with the same s-shaped symbol that keeps popping up everywhere written on it. He knows that this means he will be dead within 24 hours. He tells Ando that it is not safe for him to be there anymore, so he must leave. But Ando is honorable, refuses to and insists in helping out. So Kaito asks him to bring him a sword so that he’ll have a weapon to fight with when his time comes. At that moment, Angela arrives and she also has a picture of herself with the symbol on it. She and Kaito compare the pictures that they have mysteriously received and we see that they are two halves of the same photo. Kaito says that he is leaving for Japan that night and suggests that she disappear as well.

Unfortunately, things are not looking up for Kaito. He is waiting for Ando to bring him a sword on what looks like Charles Devereaux’s roof. A hooded figure appears and Kaito says, “Of all the people, I never expected that it would be you.” The hooded figure, whose face we never see, charges and pushes Kaito off the roof, just as Ando arrives with a sword.

Finally, the episode ends in Cork, Ireland. Three thugs are looking for a storage unit to steal a shipment of iPods. There are no iPods in the unit. But they do find Peter Petrelli, shirtless, chained up and with no memory.